Trompe L'oeil -  We distorted a grain silo through perspectival deconstruction (bottom right) to rebuild it in a new form.  In the resulting building, the left side is twice as tall as the right, tapers backwards, yet still looks the same from the original perspective. 


Morning Walk - I mapped a portion of the city to reveal the invisible forces of people's movement and intertial tendencies.  These patterns relate to fluid dynamics and Tollmein-Schlichting waves.  I categorized these types of movement to reveal spatial patterns which create these conditions and can feed back into design strategies to corral movement. 


joint copy.jpg

Digital Craft -  By using the tie-holes the GSD's concrete wall we proposed an installation to support the growth of artificial "ivy" made with generic Schedule 40 PVC pipe and custom fabricated joints. The installation explores ideas about the relationship between generic and custom construction components, while also aiming to "soften" the shear concrete face of the wall, using a material palette that imitates the internal structural/hvac elements of the GSD.


Scalar Invariance - By leveraging an extruded hexagonal structure, I devised a formal technique which could function as ornament on one level and organically scale to house full residential within the same pattern.  



Architectural Projection Model - To help Nellie Yang with her thesis, I created a video which we projected into her model from below.  This new technique was able to bring the model to life and reveal movement within the city, highlight organizational diagrams and show the final experience of the building's users. 

Architectural sketching and diagrams  - From a travel sketchbook from Mid and Western Europe. 

final 4.jpg

Club^2 -  In this project a private spa and public athletic facility play off of one another to create formal and political statements around it's users and perceived use.  Intersections create hybridized program, unexpected functionality and interactions between the two groups.