Bottle Service | MASS Design Group


Commissioned to direct and animate a video and compose the music for MASS Design Group's proposal for MoMA PS1.  

How can architects add the most lasting social and economic value to a place?  Built from all recycled and recyclable materials, Bottle Service is an architectural statement that proposes that any architecture, if choreographed well, can have lasting environmental, social and economic impact.  By establishing collaborations with groups such as The Center for Architecture Foundation, Flux Factory and Emeco, our proposal for the courtyard seeks to build ownership through engagement.  Our project involves the community throughout the construction process, as well as creates ongoing series of art and architecture workshops to take place at PS1 over the summer for the community.

This project is all about process, so the animation used stop-motion/timelapse to highlight the importance of the volunteers and patrons as part of the design.  It was also essential to capture the constant activity, the changing environments and the exciting nature of the architecture... The constraints resulted in a complete rethinking of architectural animation.