Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam Architects | Summer 2010


The museum exists between monument and building, symbolism and use, and between beauty and the unthinkable.  Each successive moment in the museum layers the pragmatic with an evocative spatial experience.  It reorients the visitor toward a new perspective and a new way of engaging the war's effect on the city of GDasnk  


Throughout the design process I created videos to test ideas, perspectives and atmospheres.  This sequence is comprised of shots of the building's final form.  

I used our physical model to overlay digitally projected footage. This would allows us to play and sculpt with both digital and physical materials.  It also was used to describe sun positions throughout the year, as seen above. 

The architectural form of the museum, sharp and jagged, both reflects and draws in the image of the individual into the chaotic array. The sheer magnitude of the entry plaza alludes to the enormity of World War II while its definitive edges and the horizon beyond signal the infite aspect of war and the hope of the future.