Presented at ARTA Research Exhibition and Banvard Gallery

In terms of transportation, people carelessly opt into the cheapest and easiest method to get from point A to point B.  The harmful effects of this inherent tendency are obvious in contemporary society given the reliance on the automobile, increased CO2 levels, sprawl and the prospect of people themselves growing ever more distant.  Still, the corollaries of this desire manifest themselves differently across the world and are minimized in Copenhagen through the ubiquitous use of the bicycle as one of the fastest and most efficient forms of transport. 

When we arrived we sought to understand the conditions wrought by the city that allowed this viable bicycle culture to evolve.

Our research collected current data points and historical developments to reveal the salient factors of this infrastructure's formation.  



 To convey the experience and magnitude of people's commute, we followed 23 strangers biking from 4 major locations within the city.  These videos were sped up, categorized and diagrammed to create a vibrant case-study which could be disseminated and shared with  cities, planners and in our KSA exhibition.